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Development can positively change people's lives in significant ways

That is why we work with companies, governments and, organisations to design, engage, and consult on projects that are forward thinking and build thriving communities

We offer unique solutions to help your business grow.

Our approach emphasizes collaboration – engaging our clients’ staff and stakeholders in the journey of change – to ensure enduring success in the short- and long-term.

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Development Services

> Program design
> Monitoring and evaluation
> Governance
> Gender, disability and social inclusion
> Technical & vocational education
> Development innovation, and
> Environment

Monitoring and evaluation

> Need Assessment Studies
> Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Surveys
> Portfolio Review
> Project Monitoring
> Performance Monitoring
> Impact Assessment
> Gap Analysis and Needs Assessment
> Periodic Evaluations (Midterm and End of Project)
> Third Party Evaluations/Validations

Stakeholder mapping and engagement

> Identify priority community, industry, and government stakeholders and their particular interests and concerns.
> Customized engagement strategies for each stakeholder to address their interests in your project

Media services

> Developing media plans, strategies and policies with executives in the organization
> Drafting press releases, news, magazine articles, and social media content and campaigns
> Setting up speaking engagements
> Directing public relations campaigns for a company or organization
> Preparing promotional material
> Training to executives on how to promote a public image and handle media relations.
> Maintaining an online presence on blogs and popular social networking sites
> Increasing brand awareness and boosting online reputation
> Search engine optimization (SEO) and generation of inbound traffic

Social media services

> Social Media planning and strategies
> Content creation: posts, banners, videos, memes
> Observing trending topics
> Monitoring competition
> Responding to crisis
> Building community
> Ensuring employees social presence
> Outlining a code of conduct for company employees.

Strategic Communication

> Designing strategic communication strategy
> Training executives and staff
> Developing strategic messaging
> Countering negative campaigns

Crisis communication consultancy

> Designing and developing a crisis communication plan
> Training all the stakeholders within the organization for crisis management
> Guiding and helping the organization during the crisis
> Preparing post-crisis reports

Public relations campaigns

> Raise the profile of a particular service or product for your business
> Persuade people to make a significant behaviour change i.e. choose you over a competitor
> Get involved in a particular project or initiative i.e. join your business’ membership community

Political consulting

> Designing political strategies and campaign strategies
> Arranging events to publicize candidates or causes
> Enabling mass media and social media outreach to the target audience
> Developing campaign narratives
> Countering the narrative of opposition
> Researching opposition
> Voter polling
> Field strategy

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Our approach emphasizes collaboration – engaging our clients’ staff and stakeholders in the journey of change – to ensure enduring success in the short- and long-term.

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